Tender Invitation 2017.11.16

Author: Ministry of Finance

Published date: 16/11/2017

Bid notice


1. The Ministry of Finance invites a consultant to submit an advisory service for the purpose of implementing an Audit Service.

2. This consultancy will conclude contractual agreements on selection of an entity for the completion of auditing audits in the financial statements of 2017 and auditing of the 2015 and 2016 final year financial statements relating to the termination of the Housing Financing Corporation's operations.

3. Providers who submit their application will provide proof of the ability to perform the service (such as work experience, workforce competence).

Are consultants willing to apply for partnership in order to perform work in short-term: No

4. Additional information may be obtained until 11:00 am, 27 November 2017 and on November 27, and submit your application on or before 11:00 am, 27 November 2017. Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Chingeltei district, 4th khoroo, S.Danzan street, Government building 2, D corpus, Tel: 267246, Fax: 267468

Bidding documents and other information can be obtained from the address below.